How To Build An Email List For Digital Marketing

How To Build An Email List is probably one of the most asked questions amongst both newbie and seasoned Internet Marketers. Unfortunately, there is not silver bullet in answering this difficult question but there are several options.

The first option is the most traditional way which is to build a blog site using either blogger or word press since it is a widely known fact that the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing which pretty much rule the Internet seem to like blog sites. If you havent tried blogging or if you have experience in blogging, getting your site listed on page one of Google is a very daunting task due to the various components involved like backlinking, article spinning, and content building to name a few.

On top of the components, there are countless and I mean literally hundreds if not thousands of software and techniques to getting your site on page one of Google. Basically you could get brain freeze just trying to keep up. However, if you are not working with a big budget and want to build a quality blog site that can realistically get on page one using the more traditional techniques that will bring visitors, you should can get your feet wet by going to OMG which is where I learned all the basics. But Please Please remember to get an opt-in system set up on your blogOne of the easiest and cheapest is Aweber (I use this one). The purpose of setting up your blog is to collect emails through your blog site and hopefully sell a few affiliate programs if you are not selling your own.

The Second way of building your email list is by buying solo ads which basically means to pay someone who already has a fairly established email list and is willing to email your offers to their list. By purchasing these solo ads, you want to send out a squeeze page with either a cheap affiliate offer that you can hopefully recouped your cost of buying the solo ad but the main focus should be to have people give you their email addresses. Setting up a squeeze page is another component that is extremely important in collecting peoples email addresses. This will be my next posting but in the meantime if you want to go to a fairly reliable and the most popular solo ad exchange site, visit AdSwap (if you go through on this link, I will make a small referral commission that helps me keep this blog going).

The third way to collect emails is to use software systems that utilizes a viral system to bring in multiple emails at once.